Outdoor options in Renesse

Whether it’s for a meeting or a training course, our experienced team will be pleased to make some great suggestions for perfecting your programme! A cookery workshop, a powered bicycle race, a sailing trip on the Oosterschelde… all aimed at inspirational togetherness. To reward staff, improve motivation or encourage them.

These outdoor events that you can use to add a great extra twist to your programme are arranged by the professional outdoor activity agencies Forrest Hill Buitensport and Natural High. We will be happy to think every aspect through with you – nothing is impossible for us!

Blokarts / beach windsailing (1.5 to 2.5 hours)
The whole team can race around the beach on wind power. Blokarting (beach windsailing) is a sport that is very much on the rise and you can have a go at Brouwersdam.

Power kites (1.5 to 2 hours)
On the beach with the wind in your sails.

Sailing trip on the Oosterschelde (half day or whole day)
A wonderful dose of fresh air on an authentic sailing clipper! Hoist the sails together or enjoy the sun on the spacious deck, with or without lunch on board. With a bit of luck you will spot some porpoises!

Solex/powered bicycle race (2 to 3 hours)
Let off some steam on these ultimate, authentic classics. We have worked out a surprising trip for you (a tour of Schouw), with a pit stop at the Kleine Schorre vineyard.

Fatbike (2 to 3 hours)
Effort and relaxation on one of the toughest courses in the Netherlands. Agility, fitness and bottle: all needed if you are two complete the route.

Cookery workshop (3 to 5 hours)
A right racket in the kitchen. After your meeting, you can start the evening with a cookery workshop. And then enjoy the delay you have prepared.

Climbing woods (2 to 3 hours)
Feel just like Tarzan – the whole team swinging between the trees.

Outdoor options

  • Sailing trips on the Oosterschelde
  • Blokarting on the beach
  • Power kites
  • Nostalgia – a Solex race
  • Mountain biking – effort and relaxation
  • Climbing woods

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Every package can be extended with a variety of options and expanded with inspirational outdoor sporting activities on the beach, in the dunes, in the woods or on the superb Oosterschelde itself.


Everything you need for a successful presentation is present: from the catering through to the latest audiovisual equipment. If desired, the whole hotel can be hired for a multi-day gathering. Badhotel Renesse has a total of four meeting rooms, catering for gatherings from 4 to 60 people.

All the meeting rooms have:

  • Lots of daylight
  • Projector
  • 55” LED screen
  • Sound system
  • Own outdoor patio